Monday, September 8, 2008


Someone asked me today, "Are you blogging this somewhere?" Having never felt the need to start a blog, much less update one (regularly or otherwise), I was somewhat taken aback. Who, after all, could possibly be interested, and if no one was interested, what difference if I just stick to scribbling occasional poorly composed ramblings into my neglected journal while slumped listlessly in a chair at the kitchen table at 4:00 AM, having once again allowed the nocturnal demands of my two little boys to chase from me all capacity for more sleep?

Whew... take a breath...

The answer: The Greater Good. Or perhaps not. In fact, it has been suggested that some of the activities I've seen fit to engage in (or to make vague plans one day to engage in) might prove useful or interesting or something to various denizens of the InterTubes. Not only that, I realized that my embarrassingly spotty journal writing habits didn't lend themselves well to the strict documentation required by experiments such as I intend to conduct in relation to the above activities, and that perhaps the convenience of blogging would somehow encourage more consistent record-keeping.

If you've made it this far with some measure of comprehension, my congratulations to you.

In short, I'm writing this because someone suggested they might be interested. That being the case, I'll try to ensure that the stuff I post aligns with the expressed interests of my readers, such as they are(n't). Should I fail in those efforts, well, phooey.

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