Saturday, April 17, 2010

...and beans...

Today we planted beans, and scattered a few more leek seeds to round out those that volunteered from last year. I have high hopes for both leeks and beans, as they come from seed we've saved from last year (or possibly, in the case of the beans, the year before), and because I'm a fan of both of them. Karlyn surprised me with her hearty endorsement of our salt-preserved beans; hopefully we'll end up with bunches of them this year, though if we finally sell our house and move elsewhere, that may become difficult.

We also took the time today to hoe up the remaining maple tree volunteers, and among their remains, to my dismay, I discovered the first of the year's morning glory. The bane of all Salt Lake City gardeners, it has apparently wasted no time getting going this spring. Fortunately the rhubarb isn't yet big enough to have overgrown what are usually the morning glory's best defended strongholds, so we have a few more weeks to really nip it in the proverbial bud, before having to cede vast swaths of formerly fertile garden to its persistent grip.

I realized today that the quarter of a beef we bough in January has lasted us approximately one quarter of a year thus far, with plenty to spare. Realizing that when we have our own cow(s?), the calves they provide will be far smaller than the full grown beef that filled our freezer, it's still nice to think that in at least some of those years our cow provides us with a male calf (we'd likely sell the females), we could accompany it with a pig or two and several chickens, and be entirely set for the year's meat supply. This doesn't necessarily relate to the garden so much, but it's a comforting thought, and bore recording.

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