Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spread the Joy

With my day job comes the opportunity to create posts on the company blog. It seems of more value to the company if I put database-related techie nerd posts on their blog rather than on this one, and the value to me is probably sixes either way. That said, this blog post simply serves as notice to those few (approx. 1) of my many readers (approx. 2) who care about such things that there's a new database-related techie nerd post available for perusal.


Rachel said...

Consider yourself "buddied" I sure miss you guys. Any chance you'll move back to ubber expensive San Diego?:)

Joshua Tolley said...

Rachel -

Yeah, that seems kinda unlikely. Fun, though :)

Laughing and Loving said...

I got you too. I just am not as good as Rachel is with keeping up with my blogs. Plus I am marrying a techie nerd guy. So maybe I can tell him something of some worth regarding computer type stuff. Yeah, he is a bigger tech nerd than me. (and he can spell too.