Monday, September 15, 2008

Why You Should Consider PostgreSQL

I'll be presenting at the Utah PHP Users Group (UPHPU) this Thursday on PostgreSQL. I'm not much of a PHP person. The last time I used it heavily was shortly after PHP5 was released, and I found between changes I had to make to get PHP4 code to work in PHP5, plus frequent security patches I had to install, plus changes I had to make to get my code to work with the patched PHP, it was all more work than I felt I wanted to endure. So I switched to Java. That was also an inappropriate choice for many reasons, but it was an excellent introduction to the sorts of things the programmers were doing at the job I started around that same time, and since the project for which I was doing all this programming never went anywhere anyway, it's probably all for the best.

Anyway, I met "mindjuju", the president of UPHPU at the recent Utah Open Source Conference, and since I'm president of the Utah Database Users Group we started chatting user groups. We're trying to get UDBUG off the ground, and since most of our membership is already involved in other users groups, we figured one way is to have meetings in conjunction with other groups.

A few days later, I got a message on IRC from mindjuju suggesting that, as I'd expressed my devotion to all things PostgreSQL to him at UTOSC, I might want to do a presentation to introduce people to PostgreSQL and let them know why they might want to use it. Another message a few days later told me that the scheduled presenter at this month's UPHPU meeting might have to cancel and could I step in if that happened. Hence the talk, the first draft of which is above.

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