Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I started this blog principally so I could document projects I'm working on, or thinking of working on, or concluding not to work on, etc. Principle among these is the organ I'm hoping to refurbish. One Christmas, my grandma called me to say that an aunt of mine was getting a new organ for Christmas (similar, if I remember correctly, to this one, giving her old one to grandma, and would I like grandma's old Hammond that's been sitting in the basement for years (similar to this one), and kinda still works?

I said yes, and with much grunting, straining, and herniating, we got the thing up the stairs and into my second floor condo, whereupon I discovered what little it could do. Half the time it doesn't even turn on, and the sounds it makes are pretty rough. However, thanks to a nice, open source, software organ synthesizer called Aeolus, my computer can do a decent organ impression. So I figured I'd build a MIDI interface into my new Hammond, whose console is pretty decent, internals notwithstanding, and via MIDI the console could tell my computer what sounds to make.

So I started learning electronics. It's loads of fun -- I've wanted to learn this stuff for years anyway, and now that I have a real project to apply it to, I find it's not too tough. Yet. :)

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